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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we put the tropical flowers and foliages in the cooler?

Tropicals in general can NOT handle refrigeration, so keeping them out of refrigerated trucks or coolers is paramount and will ensure their quality and vase life.

What is the ideal temperature for tropical flowers?

Always keep your tropical flowers between 55F and 75F

What tips do you have to prolong the vase life of tropical flowers and foliages?

As soon as you get the product, you should cut the bottom of the products stems, in the case of flowers you should cut 1″ – 1.5″ and for foliage 0.5” should suffice. Place in water at room temperature; additional daily misting will ensure better looking flowers and foliage.

How long can I expect tropical flowers to last?

If the boxes are handled properly and efficiently Flowers should last between 6-8 days once out the boxes. Tropical foliages will normally outlast the flowers.

How many types of flowers and foliage’s do you grow?

We grow and export around 130 types of foliage and 66 different types of flowers.
We are constantly on the search for new products, so that our offering evolves

Do you carry mixed boxes?

Yes, we carry mixed boxes and we will even make your own special mix.

Do you carry bouquets?

Yes, we carry bouquets, we have several categories of BQTs, these are; Flat, Round and Foliage BQTs. We have many recipes, but we can also create your personalized recipe

What countries do you ship to?

We regularly ship to the USA, Canada and Europe but we can certainly ship all over the world. Sometimes shipping from Costa Rica makes sense, and sometimes it does not, but in any case, we will always give it a try.

How long have you been in business?

We have been growing and shipping Tropicals for the past 21 years.