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Tropical Foliage Storage and Handling:

Tropical foliages behave similarly to flowers and most of the same precautions when handling them should be taken. In any case tropical foliages are heartier.

Foliage can be stored in their boxes for up to 4 days. After unpacking, stems should be cut 0.5″ from the bottom and placed in water at room temperature. Foliage that appears limp or dry as a result of transportation delays or exposure to excessive heat can be completely xubmerged in water at room temperature until they re-hydrate. (15-20 minutes) before storing or displaying them.

Vase life: 15-20 days.

Tropical Flowers Storage and Handling:

As a basic rule it is always good to remember that tropical flowers come from warm ,humid climates and cannot tolerate cold temperatures for extended periods. With this in mind never refrigerate below 55 degrees fahrenheit.

Flowers can be store in their boxes for up to 3 days. After unpacking, stems should be cut 1″ – 1.5″ from the bottom and placed in water at room temperature; additional daily misting will ensure etter looking flowers for your customers.

Vase life: 7-14 days.