About Us

Where we came from

The family has been in the flower business for over 40 years, it all started in Bogota, Colombia with a small carnation farm that transformed into a premium Rose grower called Flores Tiba.

Looking for challenges abroad we focused on Costa Rica, a country well known for its stability. We started off focused on plant production for the European markets but redirected our efforts into the production of Tropical Foliages and Flowers.

Costa Rica

Where we are headed

Now that we have a stable area of production that gives us the base to offer a wide range of tropical products we can focused on adjusting to the markets needs and requests which includes actively looking for new varieties in order to offer a flower or leaf that has not been seen before. Challenges remain and we confront them on a daily basis always striving to move forward.

What Drives Us

We strive, every day, to bring the exotic shapes and colors encountered in the Rain Forest of the world to our clients. We continuously look for new and interesting products to keep things fresh and exciting. We work very hard with our logistics partners so that clients receive the best quality tropicals possible.

All of the above is geared towards that awe inspiring glance a great Tropical gets from the end customer.

Flower experts