Approximately one hour’s drive from San José, Costa Rica’s capital, and located at the base of the most pristine mountainous national parks of the country you will find Orocosta Agroindustrial’s production farm. Here you will see a wide variety of tropical foliages and flowers. Our product portfolio includes different types of Palms, Philodenddrons, Polipodiums, Cordylines, Marginatas, Dracaenas, Calatheas, and other exotic products.

In the opposite direction, sitting high on Costa Rica’s mountains, a partner company called Montano Bajo S.A. is dedicated to the production of Leather Leaf ferns, Aralias, Photinias, Phormiums, and other foliages that are suited to the high altitude and the chilly natural weather of the country.

The combined production of these two farms make for a complete foliage and flower mix. It’s precisely this concept that lured our partners into this new project. Although these farms are young, the company’s partners have been in the floral business for over thirty years and it is their profound knowledge of the business that has permitted to get us started as quickly as we have.

Our Vision:

Orocosta’s farm will very son have more than 35 hectares in production and Montano’s farm has already planted more than 20 hectares. The 55 hectares of combined production give us the capacity to service international clients both in Europe and North America.

We hope that through high quality standards, appropriate product mixes, good labor relations, and close ties with our clients abroad, we will see the company continue to grow together with our foreign buyers.